Monday, August 15, 2011

The truth about the EOGD leadership.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse
and have been helping rape, incest, and childhood sexual abuse survivors
with their recovery for over two decades. I am keenly aware of how destructive
such crimes really are, which is why they are considered as sex CRIMES. My
motive in this interaction is to protect children from sexual abuse.
Priests who molest are removed from positions where they can harm any more
children. Convicted sex-offenders are forced to register as such also to protect
children from them.

Whether or not Robert Zink was ever brought to justice is irrelevant. It is an
established fact, by the birth certificate and by the Mother's testimony, that
Robert Zink used his position of trust and authority as the leader of EOGD to
sexually abuse the underaged daughter of at least one EOGD member.
Most experts agree that 90% of all sex-offenders become repeat offenders.
Robert Zink todays remains in the same position of trust and authority that he
used on at least one occasion to sexually abuse a child and where he still has
access to children.
People joining or belonging to EOGD therefore need to be made aware that their
children may be at risk.
Moreover, the facts that
1. Robert Zink shows no remorse about what he did and that
2. EOGD members are trying to sweep this under the rug and to justify or defend
what Robert Zink did
together indicate a level of dysfunction that are strong indications that
children of EOGD members may indeed still be at risk today.
Mary Williamson